Comprehensive Women's Health Routine examinations

Many women see only their Ob/Gyn physician on a regular basis for health care. It is important to get routine yearly exams to identify problems early and maintain good health. An annual pelvic, physical and breast exam, as well as specific testing for your needs, can assure you stay healthy and active. Our office is unique in that we will stay in contact with you regarding results and help you navigate any concerns regarding your health and wellness.

Pap Testing

Pap testing usually begins at age 21 and has been an important tool in reducing the rate of cervical cancer in this country. Tests are done every year in many patients, but in other individuals performed less frequently, depending on certain risk factors. HPV testing can be a useful addition in identifying cervical cancer risk. There are also vaccinations against HPV that can be discussed and offered at your visit.

To learn more about pap tests, click here.

To learn more about HPV testing and vaccination, click here.

Abnormal Pap Results

If your pap test is abnormal or if you have high risk HPV, Dr Portman may recommend colposcopy, a microscopic inspection of the cervix can that help identify a problem that may need treatment, or simply provide reassurance that your routine care can proceed, or whether more frequent testing is indicated.

Abnormal Bleeding

A common reason to see the gynecologist is for abnormal menstrual bleeding. This may be painful, heavy, unpredictable or irregular. There are many reasons for cycle changes and irregularity. Hormonal problems, polyps, fibroids and endometriosis are just a few causes to be considered. Dr Portman can identify, treat, and if necessary operate, to help solve your problem. Dr Portman performs minimally-invasive surgery for many of these issues, including hysteroscopy and laparoscopy.

We also offer in-office HerOption® cryo-ablation for heavy menstrual bleeding.

Pelvic Pain

Painful periods, pelvic pain, and painful intercourse are also a common problem and with the proper diagnosis and treatment can be managed successfully. Dr Portman has done research for this problem, especially in menopause, and there are many treatments, as well as new investigational therapies that may be of great help to you. (ccwhr.com)

Gynecologic and Incontinence Surgery

Dr Portman is an expert in pelvic floor surgery and consults and teaches regarding the latest advances in urogynecology—female urologic problems, including incontinence and pelvic prolapse. In-office testing can help identify the source of your problem. Corrective surgery, if needed, which offers up to 90% of patients a chance to be completely dry, are often performed on an out-patient basis, with minimal recovery time. Some of the procedures Dr Portman is currently doing include Miniarc Precise®, Elevate® Interstim® for overactive bladder and laparoscopic hysterectomy and myomectomy. For more information about female urinary incontinence and pelvic floor health, click here.

Sexual Problems

Dr Portman is a nationally recognized expert on female sexual health and has lectured nationally and conducted research in this area. He is a member and on the education committee of The International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health. Whether the problem is with desire, arousal, dryness with intercourse, or other issues, our office is sensitive to your privacy and concerns and can help in the important life-long subject of sexuality in our lives.

Hormones, Menopause and Osteoporosis issues

Women produce hormones during their reproductive years and with menopause, there are fluctuations, changes, and a decline in hormone levels. Dr Portman treats all female hormonal imbalances and has a special interest in menopause and hormone therapy. He has conducted extensive research on menopause and lectures nationally to medical groups regarding the latest treatments, benefits and concerns regarding this challenging and controversial topic. Our practice size allows us to treat every patient as an individual and give you the time it takes to address all the complex issues related to hormonal and menopausal concerns. Bone loss and fractures are an issue as we age, and the latest options to prevent and treat osteoporosis can be addressed during your visit with us.

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